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Q: Can I install Geothermal heating, cooling and domestic hot water heating in my existing home or business?
A: In MOST cases yes.

First you need to confirm space available to install a loopfield either vertical, horizontal, or directional drilled.

If you have a forced air furnace (fuel, electric, gas or propane) we can easily replace that old furnace with a new Geothermal forced air heat pump providing the ductwork is adequate. If there is no ductwork it can be added in many cases.
You need forced air to provide air conditioning.

Radiant floor heat tubing in the concrete or gypcrete works extremely well with a Geothermal hydronic heat pump. With hydronic floor heat in gypcrete or concrete, the Geothermal hydronic unit WILL replace your existing boiler. Although not needed, if the existing boiler is in good condition, it can be incorporated into the new system if so desired for backup.

Radiant floor heat tubing under wooden floors will NOT work well with Geothermal hydronic heat pumps. While it may warm the floor in places, it will not heat the space. There is an insulation value to the flooring as well as the combined thickness of the sub-flooring, flooring, and floor covering which spaces the tubing away from the floor surface. 

Radiators or radiant baseboards that are made for 160F-180F degree water will NOT work with Geothermal hydronic heat pumps. Geothermal will NOT produce water hot enough to be effective for heating using this equipment. There are products that are made to work with temperatures produced by Geothermal heat pumps. One other option to consider is a Geothermal forced air system with a perimeter duct. This duct can be sheetrocked (done by others). Forced air gives you the option of air conditioning.






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